Asterisk Trans Conference 2/27-28 UC Riverside

Community, Judo and Martial Arts, Readings and Events / Monday, March 21st, 2016
I was given the chance to close the Trans Asterisk Conference at UC Riverside. It was such an amazing warm and emotional experience. Not only did I run into Kay Ulanday Barrett and Jade Phoenix and Jade Hambaro, I made a lot of new friends. I read. I sold books, I talked to folks, I had chips. I listened to some excellent scholars and artist.  It was a lot of good times. Super thankful to Alix and nancyjean and everyone who organized an amazing weekend.

I also got to mix modes–I led a self-defense seminar with my students from Supernova! It was packed, SRO, and we distributed all of our flyers–plus, I feel we gave out some good info, too. Grant, Angel, Frank, Trey, and Byron–thank you for driving out to Riverside for the demo.