Lambda Lit Fest! March 10

I have been a little behind on the posts. But, Lambda Literary has been working very hard on its first literary festival, right here in Los Angeles. Today, I have the honor of sitting on a panel with Bernard CooperD’LoWendy C. OrtizClaudia Rodríguez and Terry Wolverton.

“In many ways, California has been the leader in the nation for LGBTQ rights, and Los Angeles has been one of the centers for this activism. This Lambda LitFest LA Panel brings together six luminary LA-based writers to express their definition of what is quintessentially LA. Each writer will share some of their work, and then they will discuss what defines the queer literary landscape of LA, how the long-standing history of queer folks in cinema/Hollywood has affected the writing and culture of Los Angeles, and how diversity has shaped our city and the LGBTQ movement. Moderated by Alex Espinoza and followed by a Q/A.”

The interesting thing about poems is one never misses the piece that has never been written. Yet once written, it can seem as it the world could never have existed without it. I think the same thing may go for this festival. It will become a vital, needed part of Los Angeles, and the Queer Literature community. <3 So honored to be part of it.


Much love, Ryka

Photos From Big Blue Marble—April 11, 2015

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Models of Pride 20 Plenary Panel

I was honored to give a plenary speech to an auditorium full of amazing LGBT youth at Models of Pride 20. I was also thrilled to meet and share the stage with Dolores Huerta, co-founder of the United Farm Workers and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Reading “To the New World” at Barnard College

My Reading at RADAR, San Francisco, Feb 17, 2015