★ A Starred Review from Library Journal!

Library Journal ”is the most trusted and respected publication for the library community. Built on more than a century of quality journalism and reviews, LJ provides groundbreaking features and analytical news reports covering technology, management, policy and other professional concerns to public, academic and institutional libraries.”

Library Journal has been around for 140 years. And this past June–it reviewed Seasonal Velocities and gave it a starred review! I am so honored!

★ Aoki, Ryka. Seasonal Velocities. Trans-Genre. 2012. 139p. ISBN 9780985110505. pap. $14.95.
This collection of poems, stories, speeches, and performance art is passionate and evocative. All of Aoki’s works have been stunning; an excellent introduction.

As other writers, I work very, very hard to put my best work on the page, and when my words can touch a reader–that is the best feeling.

Thank you so much to Library Journal, and to everyone who has enjoyed Seasonal Velocities.



PS–For any libraries or bookstores, Seasonal Velocities should now be a lot easier to acquire, as it is being distributed by Ingram. You can also just get it from Amazon.

PPS–Yes, I am working on another book of essays to address whats been happening since my first book appeared. <3  More news in Summer/Fall 2017.

3/21 Seasonal Velocities Temporarily Sold Out

Right now, the only way to get Seasonal Velocities is to email me directly or come to a reading (or, if you are lucky, an independent queer bookstore may have one). Trans-Genre actually ran out of stock–BUT I sent 25 copies of my own to Amazon to take up the slack. Trans-Genre is working to switch printing methods so this does not happen in the future.

On one hand I feel badly the book is sold out. But then again–the book is sold out! This is already the fourth printing, I believe! I am so grateful to everyone who has read, or wants to read, Seasonal Velocities. We all worked so hard, from publisher to designer (AJ and AJ/me), to cover artist (Jack Dandy), to writer (me), to give Seasonal Velocities life. It has allowed me to meet so many people, make so many new friends. It has also given my other books have an easier path to publication.

And I still love Jack Dandy’s cover.  More on hys work here!

Books By Trans and Non-Binary Authors–Thank You!

Gosh, all three of my books made this list for World Book Day! <3 Thank you!

Review of Seasonal Velocities from Elliot Deline! :)