Lambda LitFest! Still time to submit!!

Community, Readings and Events

Hi All! I’ll be posting more about recent events and work soon, but right now, if you are a queer writer, you still have until Wednesday to submit a proposal to Lambda LitFest! Here’s the call! I’m writing because I think you have something amazing to contribute to our week of community-curated programming for the 3rd […]

May 14, 2019

Making Soup for Breakfast…

Random Thoughts at 3 AM

When you want to put three dumplings in the soup, but an extra one comes out of the bag, so it’s now four dumplings, and now you have to add another dumpling because four is bad luck and now you have five dumplings in the soup and don’t want to eat five whole dumplings so […]

January 3, 2019

WriteGirl Poetry Workshop :D–Jan 26, 2019

Community, Readings and Events

After the holidays, I’ll be at The Huntington Library to help with something really special–WriteGirl Poetry Workshop! “Under the guidance of mentors and acclaimed poets, WriteGirl teens will spend the day learning how to craft their ideas into poems, while being inspired by the beauty of the gardens. We expect 100 teens and 100 […]

December 9, 2018