Smart Pajamas.

Random Thoughts at 3 AM

I just read an advert for smart pajamas. I do not want smart pajamas. Smart pajamas would tell me to put the phone away, stop making poor life choices, eat more cruciferous vegetables. I want stupid pajamas. Pajamas so stupid that they are willing to grow soft and old with me… that will listen to […]

February 10, 2021

Microsoft Word and James Joyce

Random Thoughts at 3 AM

While using Microsoft Word, I left my voice-to-text set to English, and my mic picked up the Japanese radio station that I was listening to. Here’s what resulted: today call you we get is there talk about the liturgy no it’s so another one is stretch I want to massage we don’t have to stand […]

December 7, 2020

Wow! Announcement. I have an agent!

Books and Publications

Hi All, Such a weird feeling to even be able to write this, but I will be working with Meredith Kaffel Simonoff of DeFiore & Company to bring my next novel, and future work, to life. I am thrilled! I feel incredibly lucky. She was the first agent I emailed to, the first who replied, and we […]

August 27, 2019

Queer Check-Ins

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Meredith Talusan wrote a beautiful article on a project that I am part of. ““Queer Check-Ins”…curated by the poet Franny Choi, brings together 12 other queer and trans Asian-American poets to read their poetry over videos drawn from their lives. Part of an ongoing digital exhibition called “A Day in the Queer Life of Asian Pacific America,” […]

August 10, 2019