Thank you to Cat and Topside Press for selecting from Why Dust Shall Never Settle Upon This Soul as your first Poem of the Week!

Books and Publications, Why Dust Shall Never Settle Upon This Soul / Sunday, March 29th, 2015

Why Dust Shall Settle Upon This Soul has had a very quiet opening–I suppose that part of it has to do with the fact that I’ve been working on my taxes and the forthcoming tour for He Mele A Hilo. Some of it, though, is that poetry is very different from novels. The subject matter of this book is more immediate and intense than I can put into a novel–that’s one reason I chose to write these thoughts as poems rather than stories. I’m not complaining. I feel very lucky to have these books both out.

However, I do hope this book, in its own way finds its readers. In this light, any time someone talks about or reviews this book, it is especially meaningful to me. And, just last week, Cat Fitzpatrick excerpted part of this book as Topside’s first “Poem of the Week.” I am thrilled both by its inclusion and Cat’s thoughtful analysis. :)I enjoyed reading her take on the poem–not exactly my own, but that is what makes poetry so magic, right? :D So grateful. You can read the excerpt right here!