He Mele A Hilo-A Hilo Song

by Ryka Aoki

"This debut novel is unlike any you have ever read, but you will not soon forget the lives portrayed here, the contrasting ethnicities, beliefs, sometimes fraught with greed, intrigues, prejudice, and bigotry, but transformed by ancient and contemporary hula, all blending in a feast of dance, music, food, local theater, into a community of distinct and colorful individuals finding its unique, inspired self." —Robert Morgan, Author of Gap Creek

Seasonal Velocities

by Ryka Aoki

Seasonal Velocities invites the reader on a fragile and furious journey along the highways and skyways of discovery, retribution, and resolve. Through her poetry, essays, stories, and performances, award-winning writer Ryka Aoki has consistently challenged, informed, and enthralled queer audiences across the United States.

ISBN: 978-0-9851105-0-5 LOC: 2012932128

2012 Lambda Literary Finalist

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Ryka Aoki has been honored by the Academy of American Poets and was the recipient of the 2010 Eli Coppola Chapbook Prize. She has performed and given keynote speeches at university campuses across the US.
She is a former national judo champion.