Poetry Adventure #4–A Poem of Happy Sadness

Community, National Poetry Month 2021 / Friday, April 23rd, 2021

Is poetry a story or is it a song? Is it important or is it silly? Does it tell the truth or does it lie? Is it for adults or is it for children?

One of the things I like most about poetry is how much it’s often in between things. It makes sense, but it doesn’t. It teaches you things, but leave so many other questions unanswered.

In this way, poetry is much like the real world. Things don’t seem to make sense at first, and sometimes she become wiser and everything fits together. Or you understand something and then you grow and realize you really didn’t understand it in the first place.

Assigning two poems today ! 😀

Think of a specific event or occasion that made you feel two strong and different emotions.

  1. Write four (4) lines on how this event made you feel one emotion.
  2. Write four (4) lines on how this event made you feel the other emotion
  3. Write two (2) lines on why the emotions that you were feeling were different.
  4. Write two (2) lines on what you learned and can share.

Think of a task or chore that you should have done yesterday, but did not. Without saying what it is…

  1. When did you need to finish it?
  2. How would it make you feel to finish it?
  3. How would you reward yourself after finishing it?
  4. What are you doing instead of finishing it?
  5. What are you telling yourself instead of finishing it?
  6. What happens if you don’t finish it?
  7. Do you think you will finish it?
  8. What does this teach you about yourself and life?