Brown! Trans Week reflections.

Random Thoughts at 3 AM, Readings and Events / Wednesday, November 12th, 2014
I’m back in LA from Providence, where I gave the Keynote address to Brown University’s Trans Week. I deeply appreciated my time at Brown. Providence itself was beautiful. I caught the last of the fall colors! And goodness, those were some great fish n chips.

In my address, I wanted to emphasize how stressful and tiresome it can be constantly, forced into contemplating, adjusting, phrasing, and accounting for one’s trans identity. Yet, even though it is tiring, we cannot simply view our queer safe spaces as havens, for that burns out the people who work to keep it there for us. We all need to pitch in and help, in our own way. The folks at Brown asked some great questions; it was an intimate crowd, so the answers kind of drifted a little into the personal. But that was where I hope gave them some possibilities to mull over. Brown is a place of academic and economic privilege, but that does not mean all students who attend are privileged, and it can be difficult to reconcile such different realities.

I do know that these people have so much to contribute, not just to our trans world, but far beyond. Special call out to Sami, to Sana, to Kelly, and to Blake (keep writing!)