Queer Rebels Productions

Community, Random Thoughts at 3 AM / Monday, March 21st, 2016
KB and Celeste! Again and again, they have been there for me. Celeste came by for Binder Con at UCLA and stayed weith me for the weekend and was amazing supportive. KB has been checking in with me almost daily, just to see how I am during some difficult times. What amazing people. And amazing artists. Thank you!

The mighty TuffNStuff, Drag King of the Blues, and the luminous Celeste Chan are the power couple behind Queer Rebels Productions. But beyond that, they are just super amazing people. Whenever I am in San Francisco, they seem to find a way to visit, to say hi, and often take me out to an amazing breakfast, or trip to the beach, or an out-of-the-way Chinese food place. KB is my favorite guitar player in the world to work with (and they’ve push me to develop my blues harp sound). We’ve talked art, performed, shared deep conversations. Just loving, genuine souls. I thank them for their unending optimism and gosh they are just so cute together, too!