Open in Emergency: A Special Issue on Asian American Mental Health–one of the hardest things i have written

Books and Publications, Community / Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

in some ways because it was an unsent letter to my mother, in other ways because it was handwritten, but, yeah, family stuff.

one of the most rewarding things about getting older is that one has time to rethink and reconcile with one’s past. it’s not about making up with one’s parents or family. with a lot of families that never happens, sorry to say… but over time one finds more and more ways to make peace with the past. if one is luck, the energy released through this can help one get through a future that grows shorter, yet more uncertain.

i have been so grateful, these past few years, to meet other queer asians and asian americans. to know that some of my words might help them in turn–no better feeling. asian families are a thing, aren’t they?