A Message in a Bottle

Books and Publications, He Mele A Hilo / Friday, May 8th, 2015
Hi Everyone!

Ryka here. :) I have a big favor to ask of you, especially those who have read and enjoyed my novel, He Mele A Hilo. The summer is coming up, and I am wondering if you might recommend my book to your family, your reading group, an aunty–anyone whom you think might want to take a literary trip to Hawaii.

He Mele right now is placed almost exclusively in trans and queer studies spaces and contexts. But, really, anyone who’s read the book knows it kind of doesn’t belong there. Just as Paul Coelho’s The Alchemist found readers beyond “Portuguese Lit,” I want so much for He Mele A Hilo to find its readership, wherever it may be. If you have a Goodreads, and He Mele A Hilo reminds you of a book about another place, or another book with magical realism, or that features food…I would be so happy if you might consider placing He Mele A Hilo on the same bookshelf. If you think this book reminds you of this novel or that writer, please let other fans of those books or writers know.

In some ways, writing a novel is like sending a very large note in a bottle. I am so grateful that my note has found you. He Mele A Hilo reach other promising shores.