Ryka’s Bitter Melon Cycle of Despair:

Random Thoughts at 3 AM, Recipes / Monday, April 16th, 2018

1. See the nice bitter melons* at the store, and think, “Wow, I should get some–they are healthy and I think I can prepare them well.”
2. Buy bitter melons and place them in fridge.
3, 4, 5. Open fridge, see bitter melons, and think, “Well, I am not exactly sure how to make these; I’ll make something a little more mindless.”
6. Think, “You know, I really should eat those bitter melons!” 
7. Open fridge to find bitter melons wilted and moldy.
8. Toss out bitter melons, feel wasteful and sad.
9. Go to store and back to 1.


(a.k.a.–goya or nigauri)