February 17, The After School :) My New Monthly Test Platform and Work Space for POC and Queer Writers

Community, Readings and Events / Wednesday, February 6th, 2019

One of my favorite publications was not online or in a journal, or even a book.

It was when I got to write fortune cookies. Oh, the things I did…

This Feb. 17, from 3-5 p.m.,I am starting a new monthly program with Catherine Chen. This is not about publishing in conventional journals in expected genres. This is about placing writing in places we don’t think about, in places and ways that are repurposed or unexpected.  We are doing work to decolonize presses, and publications–but the very forms of a literary journal, a blog, a book, a zine, a reading–are safe spaces and expected vessels for literature.

What happens when we put work where it does not belong? That is what we want to explore, pursue, and play with here.

The After School

Director: Ryka Aoki
Assistant Director: Catherine Chen
Feb. 17, from 3-5 p.m FREE!

A monthly work space and test platform for writers who are self-identified queers and people of color. Our goal is to develop your writing projects that subvert or repurpose how literature is made and read. By doing so, we hope to foster modes of writing that creatively respond to expectations, limitations, and exclusions of the literary machine.