Light From Uncommon Stars–4/1

Light From Uncommon Stars

Wow… this morning I noticed I had about 80 more Twitter followers?! It’s been like surprises like that—in that in different ways these past few months. To new readers, thank you so much for your openness, your generosity, and your attention. I hope that you enjoy the book. Please I know that I wrote this […]

April 1, 2021

Smart Pajamas.

Random Thoughts at 3 AM

I just read an advert for smart pajamas. I do not want smart pajamas. Smart pajamas would tell me to put the phone away, stop making poor life choices, eat more cruciferous vegetables. I want stupid pajamas. Pajamas so stupid that they are willing to grow soft and old with me… that will listen to […]

February 10, 2021

Microsoft Word and James Joyce

Random Thoughts at 3 AM

While using Microsoft Word, I left my voice-to-text set to English, and my mic picked up the Japanese radio station that I was listening to. Here’s what resulted: today call you we get is there talk about the liturgy no it’s so another one is stretch I want to massage we don’t have to stand […]

December 7, 2020

Wow! Announcement. I have an agent!

Books and Publications

Hi All, Such a weird feeling to even be able to write this, but I will be working with Meredith Kaffel Simonoff of DeFiore & Company to bring my next novel, and future work, to life. I am thrilled! I feel incredibly lucky. She was the first agent I emailed to, the first who replied, and we […]

August 27, 2019